Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lots Going On!

It's so amazing how hard it can be to sit down and blog when that is the easiest part of my day.  I've had meetings for the past two weeks and don't get home until 6:30 at night or makes for a long day.  On a positive note, I am enjoying my class this year! They are all so sweet and caring. I hear them using such polite manners and speaking voices with each other.  They discuss their problems with one another and work them out--what first grader does that?! It is truly a dream class.
We are studying apples this week and pumpkins next week (I love doing this but even more so this year since I have a pumpkin vine growing outside my room!!!!!!!!!!! I, being a lazy person, left an old rotting pumpkin outside of my door last year and when spring came I noticed a plant growing but couldn't figure out what it was...came back in August and have a PUMPKIN plant growing!? What are the odds?!). I have two new poetry centers I have been using with my kids and they LOVE it. I also send home poetry notebooks every Friday for them to read with their parents. The parents seem to like it and I give the student a sticker for the notebook cover on Monday if their parent signed it. This will definitely be helpful once we really start focusing on fluency. Anyway, my first unit is a Johnny Appleseed poem with student made pointer to practice reading the poem. Included in the pack are all of the supplies to make the pointer and the poem with a worksheet for students to fill out.  On Fridays I put a label on the opposite page from where they glued the poem and they write a response to whatever the prompt is.  For this poem my prompt is, "Why do you think Johhny Appleseed was important? Why do you think he wore a pot on his head?" Click the picture below to see the activity!
I also have a positional poetry unit for next week and it is Pumpkin themed. Students will draw (or glue-- your preference with my activity pack) a pumpkin in the correct location in relation to a picture based on the positional word in the poem.  The pack also comes with two copies of the poem--one for younger kids where they can practice writing the vocabulary words and one for older kids with positional words.  There is a student poem page and a booklet for the student to make with positional words. Click the picture below to see it!!
I also put several new centers out this week and have used some for guided reading groups. I love watching kids learn to read!! When the lightbulb goes off it is such a rewarding feeling for both me and the student!!! Anyway, below are three new games or word sorts I've made to use with my groups. Click the pictures to learn more.

Hope you are having a great week! Just found out I can access facebook in my classroom this week through the ipad app and I am SUPER excited! We have a class page which I can only access on my phone, which is not ideal. It has been a great communication tool so far and now that we can get it more easily on the ipad I can't wait to allow my students to post things for their parents!!!
Have a great weekend!! Yay for Fall weather!!!!! and FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!

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