Monday, September 3, 2012

Reading Workshop Games and Staying Healthy (sort of)- Our Year is off to a great start!

    Starting our second week of school this week, which means a more normal schedule and really emphasizing routines!!
     We will also start reading workshop with centers this week. I spent all last week teaching each and every center in my classroom and the students spent workshop and AR time moving through the centers and practicing. I have a great group of students this year and they seemed to do a great job using the Smartboard workshop work board (pictured below). I cannot imagine going back to a paper and popsicle stick work board, which I used before getting a smartboard. I LOVE technology!!

     I worked this weekend on a fun little game I like to play with my beginning readers“No Zoo For You!”.  I use it every year but have finally made it into a product I can use and sell in my TPT and Teacher’s Notebook stores. Click the picture below to see my stores.  It is SERIOUSLY a cute and great little game for the beginning of the year.  It helps students build beginning sound identification.  The pictures can also be resorted and used for middle and ending sound identification as well. All you need is a pocket chart! My kids LOVE it every year because it’s just fun to tell the animals who don’t belong, “NO ZOO FOR YOU!”. It’s the little things in first grade

     We will also be talking about ways to stay healthy this weekI may be a week too late on this unit as I already have the sniffles and sneezes!!!  Everyone needs a reminder at the beginning of the year on the best ways to keep the class healthy. I have a great Smartboard lesson I got from Smart Exchange about germsit has some cool videos from Discovery Education about germs. We are also going to make a cool hallway display of germs and do several experiments to find out what the dirtiest surface in our classroom is.  It’s a good little unit I use with our health curriculum and big books. Check it out by clicking the picture below.

     Hope everyone has a great SHORT weekthey are certainly the best.  MORE importantlyFOOTBALL season OFFICIALLY kicks off this week!!!! Whooo hooo!

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